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The Session Breakdown


We go through a full background check of your daily routine, physical habits and nutrition regime


We then have you go through series measurable body mechanics analysis; to help identify any imbalance and locate your discomforts


With the analysis done we proceed with the session, focusing on the needed areas


Finally we complete the session with comparative tests to look at the outcome of our session along with the needed exercises to help fasten your recovery process

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Karl approached our session with a sense of professionalism that conveys both his deep understanding of the human body and his ability to communicate it effectively in a way that makes it easy to understand and to apply.
Most importantly, it works! With just one session, I had a better understanding of what was causing my shoulder discomfort, as well as a stronger mind-muscle connection that allowed me to target and use the correct muscles for many different arm movements with full range of motion. Throughout the session, Karl is explaining the purpose behind each step and allows for ample opportunity to ask questions as well. You will walk away from the session not only feeling physically better, but you will also be equipped with exercises and an invaluable understanding of your body that you can continue to apply for a long time to come - and sustainability and longevity ARE the long-term goals for Karl!

Jesica ChayaFitness and nutrition

I have known Karl for quite some time and trusted his knowledge on the human body and optimizing our range of movement. Little did I know how much his methods could improve it, nor did I know how stiff I was in particular parts of my body. I recommend this for anyone with muscular injuries or range of motion issues. Karl really knows what he's doing and the experience was super pleasant!

Stephan Muller

So happy with how much improvement i got on my shoulder. I am finally able to sleep pain free after my surgery.
The diversity of treatment, that Karl made me do were very good he was great at explaining the biomechanics of my shoulder and helping me understand the limitations and how we went on solving them. He looked at my injury in a completely different manner and made the sessions super pleasant.
I don’t think it is fair to compare the results i had between traditional physio who was working on my shoulder range for a month, and what Karl did in 1 week.
Thanks! Looking forward to being stronger than ever.

Joe FeghaliAviation

I would like to enthusiastically recommend Flexo Fix. Having suffered from back, neck & shoulder pains since my early twenties, I have been treated by a fair few Chiropractors during that time, a lot of them good, a few bad.

However, I can’t speak highly enough of Karl and Flexology as a whole. In a very short span of time under the care Karl, I was pain free and able to resume my exercising that I cannot live without.

Not only are his adjustments both gentle and relieving, he will go the extra mile to put you at ease. I have recommended Karl to my friends in the past and they have all been extremely pleased, to the point where they themselves are also now regulars to Flexology.

I cannot thank you enough, Karl.

Milla Kirk

I have been suffering from the after effects of a first degree tear in my ankle ligament. As someone who loves to play tennis and do sports in general, this injury has left me frustrated. After doing 2 sessions with Karl, he was great in tackling the problem and giving me the right therapeutic exercises. I can clearly feel the improvement and hopefully I can hit the courts again.

Chaoul SaberBanking and Finance

Karl is amazing, as an ex tennis player, I've had lower back pain and shoulder pain for over 10 years now, and after one session only I must admit that i felt zero to no pain on my lower back and my shoulder felt so much better. I had almost given up on fixing it. Thank you Karl !

Ray MajdalaniBanking and Finance

I suffer from fibromyalgia, and i have always been very scared to get treated for my neck pain. But with Karl, I felt so at ease and relaxed. The sessions we wonderful and my neck pain is gone. Thank you Karl

Randa Abou AbdallahEntrepreneur , 67

En tant que danseuse professionnelle et passionnée de sport, j'ai souvent des soucis dus aux mouvements répétitifs, trop gros effort, étirement forcé etc.
Avec Karl, j'ai non seulement pu rétablir un meilleur équilibre physique global, une véritable réactivation musculaire mais j'ai également pris conscience de certains défauts de ma méthode de travail et de la cause de mes problèmes récurrents.
Le résultat est visible au bout d'une session, ce qui est incroyable!
Depuis, je sens les changements positifs dans mon corps et ma danse.

Je recommende grandement Karl : hautement qualifié, professionnel, bienveillant et à l'écoute du patient!!


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